About Us

Earthstone Candles is an artistic, locally based, proprietorship aimed not only at creatively designing and producing a unique and inspirational craft, but also maintaining healthy social and environmental business practices.

NY Slate ValleyAll Earthstone Candles and crafts are produced with recycled or direct-from-quarry stone. Following thousands of years of metamorphosis, all marble, granite and slate rock have endured a chemical change.No one candle is the same. In fact, some stone (directly from New York’s Slate Valley) may have originally been formed out of volcanic ash.

After many, many years in the making, these skillfully designed earth-stone candles not only bring an aesthetic accent to your living room, but a sense of geological history as well.

Earthstone Candles adamantly operates under the socially and economically responsible business practices set forth by Fair Trade Criteria and the Green Business Network.